dot² by ReSound

dot² by ReSound are tiny hearing aids. Their sleek design hides behind your ears so nobody else will see it. Weighing almost the same as a paper clip, it’s so lightweight you won’t feel it. But with a seriously powerful punch, dot2 by ReSound provides dramatic improvement for your hearing.


dot² by ReSound is powered by our unique Surround Sound Processor™. Just like a surround sound speaker system, the hearing aids processes bass and treble separately, providing a rich, smoothly-blended listening experience. 

What does it offer?
  • Fantastic sound quality
  • Clearer understanding of speech and conversation in noisy situations
  • Improved awareness of surroundings
  • Enhanced ability to locate sounds
Unique features 
  • Smallest, most discreet behind-the-ear hearing aids available
  • Can be adjusted through three power levels to accommodate significant changes in your hearing needs
  • 100 hours of battery life (size 10a battery)
  • Models available: low, normal and high power 

Price and fitting
For information on prices and fitting of dot2 by ReSound hearing aids, please contact your local hearing healthcare professional.

For professionals

A very different animal

dot² by ReSound® hearing aids add new functionality and enhanced technology to further benefit your patients. It's more than just building on all the great features you loved in the original dot; it's a very different animal.

Out of sight design

  • Slim, lightweight and comfortable
  • Now with three receiver power options
  • Durable: 3 double-protection systems

Out of sight sound quality

The hearing aids are powered by the surround sound processor. A revolutionary technology that – like the natural ear – processes bass and treble separately delivering a more rich and detailed sound quality and delivers the following added benefits:

  • Better speech understanding in noise
  • Equalized loudness in both frequency regions in all directional modes
  • Elimination of microphone and wind noise
  • Increased awareness and improved ability to locate sounds
  • Natural sound – the high-resolution compression system 17-band Warp™ closely mimics the function of the human cochlea delivering pure and close to natural sound quality - now with extended bandwidth through 7 kHz
  • Listening comfort - Our latest generation of feedback cancellation system, Dual Stabilizer®II DFS, gives stable and virtually feedback-free sound. On top of this our new WhistleControl™ technology acts as a handbrake ensuring comfortable sound, even in the most demanding situations
  • Better speech understanding: NoiseTracker™ II delivers superb noise reduction providing improved ability to understand what people are saying, even in demanding listening environments.

dot² by ReSound hearing aids come in three models:

  • dot² by ReSound 10 for quiet listening environments
  • dot² by ReSound 20 for moderate listening environments
  • dot² by ReSound 30 for demanding listening environments

Price segments: Top/Plus/Basic
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